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VACANCY! Registered psychologists can contact Nkateko at 012 344 4000 or 082 749 7320

You can also email the practice with your details at ptapsych@gmail.com



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Our practice is conveniently located in Sunnyside in Pretoria with easy access just off the M11 Justice Mohamed St…

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If you have not previously seen a psychologist it can feel strange. We do not normally speak to a stranger about things which…



We are eight psychologists in a practice in Sunnyside, Pretoria. We each have different interests and areas of expertise…


We are six psychologists in a practice in Sunnyside, Pretoria.  We have
divergent interests and you can
learn more about us

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Elaine Bing

Evelyn Nagel

 CDR 3 - 8 Feb 2007

Christie Roode

Jacqui Van Staden

Neo Pule

Nkateko Ndala Magoro

Ramodunguane Tabane

Lethabo Poo

What is it like to consult a psychologist?

If you have not previously seen a psychologist it can feel strange.  We do
not normally speak to a stranger about things which are possibly hard to
verbalise or discuss.  You may be unsure how to start and wonder whether you
will be able to express your experiences and concerns.  We know that it is
difficult and generally the psychologist you consult will give some direction to
the discussion and ensure that you are able to express yourself in such a way
that you are understood.  People often express a fear that they will be judged.
We are human and have had numerous very human experiences.  We do not judge; we
are more interested in understanding your experience.

What can I expect?

When you arrive, you will be asked to complete a normal intake form.  This
includes your address, medical aid details and so on.  In the first session with
your psychologist you will be asked what the immediate reason was for consulting
a psychologist.  You will then be asked for background information concerning
yourself.  This includes your family history, study and work history, your
health and the history of the problem about which you have decided to consult.
Your psychologist will discuss treatment options with you and possible effects
regarding various forms of treatment.  You should ensure that you understand
what you are told and that you are aware of the success rate of various
treatment options.  Do not hesitate to ask your psychologist regarding their
experience with a particular treatment plan.

Who consults a psychologist?

Traditionally psychologists have assisted people in coping with emotional
problems.  Psychologists can also help improve day-to-day functioning.  We can
also do assessments and help with career planning.

You are welcome to contact us
to hear whether we can assist you or with any other
questions you may have.